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Healthy Habitat Health Care supplies

Health Care supplies
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Bene-Bac Beneficial Bacteria
Healthy Habitat
Mite Off
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Bene-Bac Bene-Bac
Bene-Bac is a concentrated live culture of seven common bacteria found in the intestinal tracts reptiles. Use with reptiles when they are subject to changing nutritional or environmental conditions or after antibiotic therapy. $4.99
Healthy Habitat Healthy Habitat
100% all natural cleaner and deodorizer Completely safe, 100% hypoallergenic Natural enzymes break down contaminants Safe for reptiles, hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits, and more 22 fl. oz. $9.99 and 1 gallon $29.99
 Mite Off Mite Off
Controls mites in captive reptile collections Contains colloids, small electrically charged molecules that can penetrate and disrupt simple organisms like mites For use with snakes, lizards and land tortoises Non-toxic and safe for the water supply and environment Ready to use spray bottle, no mixing required 4.25 oz $4.99 8.75 oz $7.99